Site Audit

With years of experience, we know how it can be….

Is this you?

  • Business is inefficient
  • Finances are a mess…
  • Can’t compete with the chains…
  • Don’t understand brewery system…
  • Poor deals that don’t work…
  • Staff nightmares

Our comprehensive site audit gives you an honest, outsider view of your operation. We will visit your pub, spend time with you: listening, understanding and analysing in detail. We leave you with a full report and a complete list of action points that you can use to improve your business.

What will a Site Audit do for you?

You will get an independent, honest, documented view of your operation:

  • Service standards: Are they good enough?
  • Trading area: Could it be improved?
  • Products: Are they the best for your business?
  • Staff workflow: Could it be improved?

Mystery Customer

Your audit can include an optional Mystery Customer visit from a member of our team to get objective feedback on your staff performance. See it from your customers’ perspective….invaluable.

The result?

  • Improve service levels
  • Check staff performance
  • Understand your customers
  • Keep your clients satisfied, every time
  • Increase sales figures
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Improve your brand image
  • Beat competitors
  • Benchmark against previous performance
  • Stimulate business growth

What does it cost?
A one off fee of £495 + VAT

We will refund your fees after 12 months if you become a client

Contact us by email or give us a call now for a quick, efficient service.


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